About Richard Farr

Can I Be Blunt?

My wife tells me I should be more tactful at times, but I don't like to dance around. I see my job as getting the right people to the right pages at the right time, for less. And I'm damn good at it.

I specialize in helping lead-gen websites that are spending at least $50,000/mo in Adwords to get more phone calls.

My Background

I have a Masters Degree in Financial Economics - Microeconomics specialty, from Florida State University. I used to build trading models for a prop trading company with a seat on the Chicago Board of Trade.

The same mathematical principles used in trading models also apply to AdWords. In fact, the person who designed the Google AdWords bid auction system, Hal Varian, also specializes in microeconomics. A lot of the best minds in PPC have a similar skillset. Because of this, and because I choose to live in the mountain biking, road cycling, and craft beer capital of the world, Bend, Oregon (rather than in a financial metropolis), it was a logical move for me to leave the trading world and get good at AdWords.

AdWords data always tells a story. I look for patterns in that data to find out how to get more phone calls for less spend. I can find where, how, and when you should bid based on:

But having a profitable AdWords account isn't just about bid management. I have a 9-step system for ongoing account management.

My Certifications


I grew up in England and moved to the U.S. when I was 13 so you'll hear remnants of an English accent. I'm also trying to figure out this thing called fatherhood: my little guy was born Dec 2013 and makes me laugh every day.