What Industries do you have experience with?

I’ve worked in quite a few industries so far. I started by generating mortgage leads online then progressed into real estate investment banking leads. After that it opened up to all sorts of things including ski vacations, office remodeling, industrial grade security equipment, really expensive secure hosting & IRS back taxes just to name a few. The bottom line is that it doesn’t really matter what industry you are in as long as you are in an industry where people go to Google to find the answer they are looking for and are willing to pick up the phone to talk to a company that can solve that problem. 

Do you build new AdWords accounts?

I specialize in improving existing accounts. This is because my workflow uses the hidden data you have accumulated in your Adwords and Google Analytics accounts to find and fix what's broken.

We don’t spend that much on AdWords. Can you still help me?

Yes, because I start everyone off with an express review that costs only $300 almost any business that does AdWords will benefit from my initial first step. I have yet to hear from someone that just a couple of the issues I found in the initial express review are not worth at least $300 to them.

I have an eCommerce site. Will you help me?

I’m pretty sure that you would see a positive ROI from having me identify just a few of your AdWords account problems and show you quick fixes in the Express Review but chances are that you won’t convince  me to manage your ecommerce AdWords account after the express review.

Do you work in Bing, Facebook, or other advertising platforms?

I specialize in AdWords. Once in a while I will do Bing PPC for one of my monthly management clients. If you are one of them we can talk about it.

Do you do SEO or Social Media?

No. Do yourself a favor and invest in a Conversion Audit from an expert instead.

I've been burned by slick salespeople before. How do I know you're any good?

Salespeople do free consultations where they tell you how easy it is to fix your account and get you profitable... Then pass it off to some poor bastard that gets paid a tiny fraction of that to deliver on the promises the salesperson made. 

As its just me doing the express review and then doing the actual work, I have no incentive to tell you how easy it is for me to fix unless it actually is.

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